• 02 Feb 2024

Get Inspired: How Ashghal Qatar Won the Supply Chain and Customer Care Awards in 2023

With the HBC 2024 International Awards deadline on the horizon, it's pivotal to draw inspiration from the laureates of the previous year. A prime example of such excellence is Qatar's Public Works Authority, Ashghal, which distinguished itself by securing two significant awards at the HBC 2023 International Awards. Their achievements in the realms of Supply Chain and Customer Care not only demonstrate their commitment to operational superiority but also underscore their innovative practices in fostering client satisfaction and supply chain efficiency.

Ashghal's triumph in the HBC Supply Chain Award category, achieving the Diamond level, is a testament to their strategic approach towards supply chain management. Their dedication to creating a conducive environment for project delivery, coupled with a focus on strengthening relationships with strategic suppliers, showcases a model of excellence in procurement and logistics. Their investment in supporting local products and manufacturers further highlights their commitment to sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Similarly, Ashghal's Gold level recognition in the HBC Customer Care Award category reflects their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. By implementing robust measures to ensure effective communication and engagement with stakeholders, Ashghal has exemplified how prioritizing customer care can enhance project outcomes and community well-being. Their proactive approach in appointing public relations officers on project sites to liaise with residents and gather feedback exemplifies their innovative strategy towards customer service.

These accolades from the HBC 2023 International Awards are a clear indicator of Ashghal's industry-leading status and their holistic approach to excellence. Eng. Mooza Al-Sowaidi's remarks on behalf of Ashghal underscore the organization's dedication to adopting best practices and delivering world-class quality services, all while prioritizing societal interests, supporting the local economy, and preserving resources.

As the clock ticks towards the HBC 2024 International Awards, Ashghal Qatar's success story serves as an inspirational blueprint for organizations striving for excellence. Their commitment to improving supply chain dynamics and enhancing customer satisfaction sets a benchmark for innovation and excellence, encouraging others to follow in their footsteps and achieve recognition on a global stage.

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